Is Your ‘Asbestos Free’ Certified Ship Really Asbestos Free?

Is Your ‘Asbestos Free’ Certified Ship Really Asbestos Free?

Asbestos continues to be discovered on ‘asbestos free’ certified ships


An ever-increasing number of new build vessels certified as being ‘asbestos free’ are being detained at port due to asbestos being found by port state authorities. This is due to a paperwork based certification approach which does not reflect the reality that asbestos continues to be present in marine supply chains despite there being a total ban.

Asbestos in ‘asbestos free’ ships is generally being found in flange gaskets, valves, machinery, deck and bulkhead insulation, pipe lagging and electric cables, among other parts of a ship.

Consequences of asbestos SOLAS violations include potentially dangerous asbestos exposure to crew, fines, expensive removal costs, reputational damage and even loss of important charters.

The solution recommended by ACS Marine, is that a full asbestos survey involving sampling and analysis in an accredited laboratory is conducted, preferably prior to delivery, to ensure compliance with SOLAS and all flag state requirements. This service can be requested by proactive ship builders or concerned marine asset owners.

At ACS Marine we work with marine asset owners and ship builders to offer assurances that their assets and associated supply chains are compliant.

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