Oil + Gas

Throughout the lifecycle of offshore assets, ACS Marine offer a full range of hazardous material related services to oil & gas operators worldwide. We assist in ensuring offshore assets are in compliance with regulations, such as the correct management of asbestos, and provide expert hazardous materials guidance and input during decommissioning.

Marine and Offshore Asbestos and Hazardous Materials Consultancy

The identification, management and removal of hazardous materials on-board marine and offshore assets is one of the most complex growing requirements for maritime operators across the globe. Whether it be asbestos, PCBs, CFCs, TBTs, toxic heavy metals or even microbiological contaminants such as legionella, operators have a legal duty to protect their staff and customers.

ACS Marine, as part of the ACS Risk Group, has over 35 years of experience in assisting clients in the management of risks related to hazardous materials in a professional, efficient and cost effective manner.

ACS Marine’s Asbestos and Hazardous Materials Consultancy services include:

  • Sampling and Analysis of Suspect Materials
  • Asbestos and Hazardous Materials Surveying
  • Risk Assessment and Control
  • Remediation Project Management
  • Expert Witness, Legal and Dispute Resolution


Offshore Oil & Gas Decommissioning

With decommissioning in the Oil & Gas sector set to intensify in the upcoming years, ACS Marine is on hand to support activities in relation to the correct identification, management and removal of hazardous materials. ACS Marine has vast experience in delivering turnkey and bespoke solutions to complex operational environments where safety and time is critical.