Hazardous materials can play an important role in salvage situations. Whether it be a fire or an accident which has disturbed the structural fabric of a vessel; ACS Marine is on hand to support salvage operations with our expert hazardous materials guidance and wide range of services.

Marine and Offshore Asbestos and Hazardous Materials Consultancy

The identification, management and removal of hazardous materials onboard marine and offshore assets is one of the most complex growing requirements for maritime operators across the globe. Whether it be asbestos, PCBs, CFCs, TBTs, toxic heavy metals or even microbiological contaminants such as legionella, operators have a legal duty to protect their staff and customers.

ACS Marine, as part of the ACS Risk Group, has over 35 years of experience in assisting clients in the management of risks related to hazardous materials in a professional, efficient and cost effective manner.

ACS Marine’s Asbestos and Hazardous Materials Consultancy services include:

  • Sampling and Analysis of Suspect Materials
  • Asbestos and Hazardous Materials Surveying
  • Risk Assessment and Control
  • Remediation Project Management
  • Expert Witness, Legal and Dispute Resolution


Ship Recycling Planning and Auditing

The requirements of the EU Ship Recycling Regulation and the Hong Kong Convention require a ship-specific Ship Recycling Plan (SRP) to be developed by the Ship Recycling Facility. ACS Marine’s team of ship recycling, waste management and hazardous materials experts are on hand to assist in the preparation of the SRP.

In addition, ACS Marine offers advice and guidance on the selection of suitable facilities, provides supervisory oversight during ship recycling activities and provides an owners audit report. This demonstrates compliance and offers assurances that the marine asset is being recycled in a sustainable and responsible manner.

ACS Marine’s Ship Recycling Planning and Auditing related services include:

  • Sustainable and Responsible Ship Recycling Guidance
  • Ship Recycling Plans (SRP)
  • Ship Recycling Supervision and Auditing
  • Ship Recycling Facility Plan (SRFP)