Suppliers to the marine industry are now required to provide extensive documentation with regards to the components and materials of their products. This is to ensure banned materials such as asbestos do not end up on-board vessels. ACS Marine works with suppliers to ensure their products are appropriately documented in line with the requirements of SOLAS and the IHM

Inventory of Hazardous Materials (IHM Reporting)

By the end of 2020 all ships weighing over 500GT entering EU ports will be required to carry an IHM.

An IHM is a structured system to control hazardous materials on-board ships and achieve compliance with the EU Ship Recycling Regulation and Hong Kong Convention for the Safe and Environmentally Sound Recycling of Ships. The purpose of the IHM is to minimise risk, avoid potential liabilities, and enhance safety by identifying and recording hazards, and controlling risks on-board.

The kind of materials to be recorded on the IHM are those which have the potential to cause harm to those who are involved in the assets lifecycle; whether that be in the vessels construction, operation or recycling. Examples of the hazards to be recorded within the IHM include Asbestos, Polychlorinated Biphenyls (PCBs), Ozone Depleting Substances (ODS) and Organotin Compounds (TBT).

The requirements for the IHM differ slightly according to if a vessel is under construction, already in service or due to be recycled:

New Build IHM

The IHM for new builds should be developed at the design and construction stage and is based on Material Declarations and Declarations of Conformity from suppliers. ACS Marine will work with the required stakeholders to gather all the required information and conduct random sampling and auditing activities to ensure the information provided is correct and accurate.

ACS Marine will deliver an IHM report which can be used for assurances that the new vessel is free from banned hazardous materials and complies with the required regulations (EU Ship Recycling Regulation, Hong Kong Convention, SOLAS etc.). ACS Marine will also be on hand throughout the assets lifecycle to ensure the IHM is kept up to date and to carry out the mandatory re-inspection survey which is required every five years.

Existing Ships IHM

The IHM for existing ships involves a detailed survey identifying the location and approximate quantities of hazardous materials on-board. ACS Marine’s team of highly skilled operatives will utilise their knowledge of hazardous materials and construction of marine assets to plan, execute and deliver an IHM service which is cost effective, accurate and useful.

ACS Marine is able to offer our IHM survey service for existing ships worldwide and can be conducted during normal operational conditions.

Prior to Recycling IHM

A prior to recycling IHM is required before a vessel can be accepted by the ship recycling facility. ACS Marine will assist in adding the required extra elements to existing IHMs or, if an IHM is absent or sub-standard, conduct a fully intrusive IHM survey.

ACS Marine also offers extensive Ship Recycling Planning and Auditing services to assist marine asset owners who wish to recycle in a sustainable and responsible manner.

Supply Chain Assurance

Marine supply chains are complex and a challenge to manage effectively. As a result, banned hazardous materials are continuing to end up on-board vessels which can result in financial and safety consequences. ACS Marine works with suppliers providing expert assistance from engineering and design consulting to assistance with certification and verification, and offering assurance and inspection services to ensure compliance.

ACS Marine find that through having a documented supply chain in which banned hazardous materials are excluded, benefits in terms of quality, cost reduction and down time is achieved for both supplier and customer.